Equip your 4WD forklift with an EPA-4 certified engine|Foton Cummins

The Kaystar factory custom-produces four-wheel-drive all-terrain forklifts that meet U.S. EPA-4 certification for American customers. This is an engine produced by Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company, which is EPA-4 certified. This...



Features and Advantages of Kaystar Forklift Fly Jib

Introduction and usage scenarios of forklift fly jib A forklift fly jib is an attachment that can be added to a forklift to provide additional reach. It is ideal for lifting light materials such as roof trusses, beams, or slung goods. ...



Specification of 3 Ton Forklift Fly Jib|5.3M Boom

3t 4t 5t forklift fly jib for sale,made in china The length of the 3T forklift fly jib after it is fully extended:5.3m(5300mm);The length of the fly jib when not extended is 2.6 meters(2600mm). Load:2T(2.6m),600kg(5.3m) 3-se...



Pioneer40(CPCY40) Off-Road Forklift with Bucket

This 4-ton four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift(Pioneer40) adopts rubber pneumatic-free tires (solid tires). Four-wheel drive, rear-wheel steering. The maximum lifting height of the three-level free-lifting mast is 4.2 meters. A qui...



Pioneer-35A 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

Kaystar Pioneer-35A 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift(4WD) Details ManufacturerKaystarModel NamePioneer35AAxleWheel speed reductionGearboxTorque ConverterPower sourceDieselOperator typeSeatedRated Load(kg)3500/4000Max. capacity(kg)3500-4000Max. ...



Comparison with Maximal rough terrain forklift,Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd

Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd Overall Dimensions: Maximal FD35-4WD 3081*1600*2330mm Kaystar P35pro-4wd 3000*1500*2330mm Weight (KG): Maximal FD35-4WD 5455kg Kaystar P35pro-4wd 6000kg Travelling Speed: Maximal FD35-4wd 20km/h Kay...



What are the advantages of rough terrain forklift compared with ordinary forklift?

Pioneer40 4T 4WD forklift -Kaystar Heavy Industry Rough terrain forklift is an engineering vehicle that can safely load, unload, stack and carry goods on slopes and uneven ground. Like a balanced forklift, it can install forks or replace a var...



What are the applicable scenarios of rough terrain forklift? Let’s learn about them!

Kaystar Rough Terrain Forklift Rough terrain forklift, also known as field forklift, is the equipment for loading and unloading materials in material distribution centers with poor road conditions such as airports, docks and stations. It has g...