Articulated 3.5 ton forklift factory shipped|2024|Dealer

KDJY35 middle articulated four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift|factory delivery KDJY35 rear articulated four-wheel drive all-terrain forklift|factory delivery March 26, 2024.These are the latest articulated 4WD off-road forklifts. They are...



Kaystar Pioneer35A Compact 4WD Forklift Features

This is a 3.5T compact four-wheel drive off-road forklift(Pioneer35A) launched by Kaystar in 2022. This star product has achieved great success. It has good performance, stable quality, easy maintenance, and is loved by customers all over the wor...



Forklift Crane(Fly Jib) Is Working On The Construction Site

The picture shows a four-wheel drive forklift produced by China's kaystar factory. It is a 3.5-ton articulated all-terrain forklift.It adopts a diesel four-cylinder engine, four-wheel drive, and a rear-articulated design. A telescopic fork...



7500lbs Rough Terrain Forklift With Cargo Holder

Four-wheel drive forklifts are widely used on construction sites and in the wild. In different usage scenarios, customers have different demands on Kaystar four-wheel drive forklifts. Carrying goods on uneven roads can easily cause the goo...



3.5T 4WD RT Forklift:Hangcha VS Kaida

ParametersCPCD35 RT4wdCPCY35 4x4ModelHangcha 3.5t 4wdKaida 3.5t 4wdEnginedieseldieselRated capacity3500KG3500KGLoad center distance500mm500mmStandard mast lifting height3000mm3000mmLength (excluding forks)3100mm2980mmwidth1599mm1500mm...



How to Choose the Right Bucket Attachment for Your Forklift

A forklift is a versatile and powerful machine that can perform various tasks in different industries and environments. However, to make the most of your forklift, you need to equip it with the right attachment for the job. One of the most co...



Rough Terrain Forklifts: A Game Changer for Outdoor Material Handling

If you work in construction, agriculture, mining, or any other industry that requires moving heavy or bulky materials outdoors, you know how challenging it can be to handle them on uneven or unstable ground. That's where rough terrain forklifts c...



Rough terrain forklift accessories – use of triangular bucket(hinged bucket)(video)

hinged bucket The kaystar articulated diesel powered four-wheel drive rough terrain forklift is equipped with a triangular bucket and a tipper to shovel soil on the construction site. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogLHmrA6Jqo[/e...



Comparison with Maximal rough terrain forklift,Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd

Kaystar 3.5ton 4wd Overall Dimensions: Maximal FD35-4WD 3081*1600*2330mm Kaystar P35pro-4wd 3000*1500*2330mm Weight (KG): Maximal FD35-4WD 5455kg Kaystar P35pro-4wd 6000kg Travelling Speed: Maximal FD35-4wd 20km/h Kay...



Kaystar Heavy Industries launches new Pioneer series rough terrain forklift

Pioneer series rough terrain forklift 3.5 ton new style The new Pioneer 3.5-ton rear-steering four-wheel-drive rough terrain forklift, 3.1 meters long and 1.58 meters wide, is a four-wheel-drive rough terrain forklift as big as a two-wheel dri...



The new rough terrain forklift of Kaystar Land Tiger series is on the market

The new land tiger series 3.5t articulated 4WD rough forklift is the shortest articulated forklift on the market with ingenious design and solid workmanship. Its length is less than 3.6m. The car adopts articulated rear steering design, which...



More than 200 Kaystar rough terrain forklift are under construction in China xiong’an new area

In 2022, China's xiong'an new area will arrange more than 200 key projects, with a total investment of more than 700 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of more than 200 billion yuan, so as to promote the work of xiong'an ne...