Tips on winter maintenance for internal combustion forklifts!Engine maintenance\Hydraulic system maintenance\Cooling system maintenance\Electrical system maintenance\Development of maintenance plan\Preventive maintenance\Safe operating procedures

Tips on winter maintenance for internal combustion forklifts!

Tips on winter maintenance for internal combustion forklifts!
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Engine maintenance

  • Replace winter engine oil: In winter, because the viscosity of engine oil decreases, in order to protect the engine, winter engine oil with low viscosity should be replaced.
  • Check the cooling system: Check whether the radiator, water pump, oil radiator and other components are working properly to prevent the engine from overheating.
  • Check the fuel supply system: Check whether the fuel supply system is normal, including fuel filters, fuel pumps, fuel injectors and other components.
  • Check the oil quality: In the cold winter, it is recommended to replace antifreeze diesel in the northern region to avoid freezing and cracking of the engine in extremely cold weather.

Hydraulic system maintenance

  • Check the hydraulic oil: Hydraulic oil tends to become thicker in winter, so you need to check the brand and color of the hydraulic oil. If you find that the hydraulic oil is dirty or thickened, replace it immediately.
  • Hydraulic oil radiator cleaning: Clean the hydraulic oil radiator regularly to prevent the radiator surface from being covered with dust and debris, which affects the heat dissipation effect.
  • Check each hydraulic pipeline to see if the pipeline is aging or cracked, and whether the joints are leaking. Replace aging pipelines regularly and tighten or maintain leaking joints.

Cooling system maintenance

  • Check the coolant: Check the coolant level every day. If the level is too low, replenish it immediately. At the same time, check whether the coolant is contaminated and replace it immediately if there is any problem.
  • Clean the radiator: Clean the surface of the radiator regularly to prevent dust and debris from affecting the heat dissipation effect. You can use compressed air or a water gun to clean, but be careful not to damage the radiator surface.
  • Replace the antifreeze in the radiator. It is recommended to replace the antifreeze at -35° to prevent the radiator from freezing and cracking.

Electrical system maintenance

  • Check the battery: The temperature is low in winter, and the battery is prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the battery power and whether the wiring is tight. If there is any problem, charge or replace the battery immediately.
  • Check the electrical circuit: Check whether the forklift's electrical circuit is damaged or aged. If there is any problem, repair or replace it immediately.

Development of maintenance plan

Before winter begins, a detailed maintenance plan should be developed. The maintenance plan should include inspection and maintenance items for all equipment, as well as related operator training. In addition, reasonable maintenance intervals should be set to ensure that the equipment is always in optimal condition.

Preventive maintenance

Preventative maintenance is very important to prevent equipment failure in cold weather. For example, the engine can be preheated in the morning when temperatures are cooler to prevent engine failure at low temperatures. In addition, preventive maintenance can also include regular inspections of equipment’s seals, lubricants, etc.

Safe operating procedures

When operating an internal combustion forklift in winter, safe operating procedures should be strictly followed. For example, operators should be awake and fatigue-free and must be adequately trained. In addition, operators should pay attention to their surroundings and avoid operating in bad weather or with poor visibility.

To sum up, the maintenance methods of internal combustion forklifts in winter include engine maintenance, hydraulic system maintenance, transmission system maintenance, cooling system maintenance, electrical system maintenance, formulation of maintenance plans, preventive maintenance and safe operating procedures. By following these maintenance methods, you can ensure the normal operation of the internal combustion forklift in winter, extend the service life of the equipment, and improve work efficiency.

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