How to Secure Loads with a Custom-made 3.5-ton 4WD Forklift - Kaystar Landtiger35Pro

How to Secure Loads with a Custom-made 3.5-ton 4WD Forklift – Kaystar Landtiger35Pro

A photo shows a custom forklift moving wooden crates up a hillside. The forklift is a Kaystar Landtiger35Pro model, which has an articulated four-wheel drive function, and is equipped with a special upper clamp attachment and a 1.97-meter-long fork. The upper holding clamp attachment can fix the goods and prevent the goods from falling. The forklift driver in the photo is wearing safety clothing and operating the forklift.

Loads can be unstable and dangerous, especially when they are transported on rough terrain. You need a reliable and versatile forklift that can secure the loads firmly and prevent them from falling off.

That’s why we recommend the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro, a custom-made 3.5-ton articulated four-wheel drive forklift that is specially designed for securing loads. This forklift has a number of features that make it ideal for this job, such as:

  • A special upper clamp attachment that can fix the loads on the forks, preventing them from sliding or tilting. The clamp can also adjust the pressure according to the size and weight of the loads, ensuring a tight and safe grip.
  • A 1.97-meter long fork that can accommodate large and long loads, such as wooden pallets, boxes, barrels, etc. The fork also has a side-shift function, which allows you to move the loads left or right without changing the position of the forklift.
  • A two-stage mast that can reach up to 4 meters in height, enabling you to stack the loads vertically or horizontally on trucks or racks. The mast also has a free-lift function, which means you can lift the load without extending the mast, saving space and time.
  • A four-wheel drive and articulated steering system that gives you superior maneuverability and control over the forklift. You can steer the front and rear wheels independently, allowing you to turn in tight spaces and navigate uneven surfaces with ease.
  • A diesel engine that provides reliable power and performance for the forklift. The engine also has a low fuel consumption and emission, which reduces the operating cost and environmental impact.

With the Kaystar Landtiger35Pro, you can secure loads efficiently and safely in any environment. Here are some tips on how to use this forklift effectively:

  • Before operating the forklift, make sure you check the oil level, tire pressure, brake system, lights, horn, etc. Also make sure you wear proper protective equipment such as gloves, helmet, boots, etc.
  • When approaching the loads, align the forklift with the center of the loads and lower the fork to the appropriate height. Then slowly drive forward until the fork touches the loads gently. Press the upper clamp button to fix the loads firmly.
  • When lifting the loads, make sure you do not exceed the rated capacity of the forklift or the upper clamp. Also make sure you keep the load as low as possible and tilt the mast slightly backward to prevent the loads from sliding forward.
  • When transporting the loads, drive at a moderate speed and avoid sudden acceleration or braking. Also avoid sharp turns or uneven surfaces that may cause the load to sway or tip over. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles or obstacles.
  • When unloading the loads, reverse the above steps carefully. Make sure you lower the loads gently to avoid damage or injury. Release the upper clamp button to release the loads.

The Kaystar Landtiger35Pro is a powerful and versatile forklift that can help you secure loads with ease. If you are interested in this forklift or want to know more about its specifications and features, please visit our website or contact us today.

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